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C iGIVE is committed to empowering the charitable spirit of enterprising millennials by connecting them with the patronage and support of leaders throughout the business and philanthropic world.

While addressing the 2016 Youth Assembly at the UN General Assembly in New York City, C iGIVE founder and CEO Cheri Kaufman challenged the gathering of millennials in the audience by posing a simple but resounding maxim:

“You want a better world? Go create it.”

The response was overwhelming. Almost immediately, Cheri began receiving requests from countless young activists needing guidance, leadership, and support to help transform their charitable visions into real-world solutions. Many wanted to make a difference – but few had the means or the methods to make their awareness heard and their impact felt.

Cheri founded C iGIVE on the principle that millennials possess a unique understanding of the social, economic and global challenges of our time – as well as the spirit, drive, and youthful passion required to overcome them.

C iGIVE connects an extensive network of business and philanthropic leaders who provide guidance, support, and financial groundwork to young people with a vision for a better world and the desire to do their part to create it.


Cheri Kaufman

CEO & Founder

Cheri Kaufman is an important, long-standing and recognized member of New York’s philanthropic community. Currently, she serves as Vice President of Lifeline Organization of New York. She is a board member and National Advisor for the National Women’s History Museum, a member of the UN Women for Peace Committee and a board member of the MoMA.

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Cathleen Civale


Cathleen Civale is a senior business executive with a distinguished career in the fashion and lifestyle industries, focusing throughout on creating a better world.

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Glenn Myles

Advisory Board

Glenn Myles is a leader in the financial community, having built a 30 year track record in which he executed on nearly $24 Billion USD of transactions as an investor, principal, and advisor.

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Susan Whiting

Advisory Board

Susan Whiting is recognized as a leading expert in consumer behavior, audience measurement, media research and information services.

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