Cathleen Civale

Cathleen Civale is a senior business executive with a distinguished career in the fashion and lifestyle industries, focusing throughout on creating a better world.

Born and raised on Manhattan’s East Side, Cathleen studied design at the Fashion Institute of Technology and began developing her own personal sense of style at the legendary interior design firm, F. Schumacher & Company.

While in San Francisco, Cathleen’s work with West Coast fashion and cultural icon Esprit ignited her career in the fashion industry, and paved the way for her subsequent leadership roles at Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, Barney’s, and Sotheby’s International.

Drawing on her experience at Esprit, Cathleen and a group of colleagues built LeSportsac into a household name, which eventually became a globally recognized American brand, a multimillion-dollar venture, and a high-profile acquisition. As the Executive Vice President, she was a critical member of the leadership team that turned a $10 million product line into a global icon and $100-million- dollar business.

While LeSportsac enabled Cathleen to hone both her creative talent and understanding of manufacturing, distribution and global markets, it also highlighted her ability to bring young people together to pursue a vision and achieve success. Working with and mentoring the young people in her companies has long been one of the most satisfying aspects of Cathleen’s business experience.

Working alongside individuals from different cultural backgrounds was one of the of the primary aspects of Cheri Kaufman’s vision for CI Give that appealed to Cathleen immediately. Long-time friends and business colleagues, Cathleen has been a strong and admiring supporter of the many nonprofit activities and campaigns that Cheri has led.

Individually, Cathleen has focused her own nonprofit efforts in two areas – first as an active leader and financial supporter of community preservation activities in the East End Village on Long Island where she and her husband have a home; and as an involved, long-time supporter of the battles against cancer, especially ovarian and breast cancer.