Why Support C iGive?

C iGive provides a new generation of philanthropists the foundation needed to make their visions of a better world a reality.  We believe that millennials face a new world, with new challenges, and are uniquely armed with the right tools needed to address them.

C iGive is committed to empowering charitable-minded, young entrepreneurs by providing crucial resources to help make their philanthropic impact felt.

Millennials are tech savvy, educated, and independent-minded.

How Philanthropic Are Millennials?

According to the 2015 Millennial Impact Report:

Percent of working millennials made a charitable donation in 2014
Percent of millennials spent at least one hour volunteering in 2014
Percent of millennials feel encouraged to volunteer and participate in their company’s cause work

Give Where It’s Needed Most

C iGIVE engages charitable initiatives from a wide range of backgrounds. We strive to partner our donors with missions that speak to their passion. A partnership with C iGIVE is not simply a donation, it’s an opportunity to leverage an investment into emerging new philanthropic leaders, their causes, and their social endeavors to the world.

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