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C iGive is committed to helping young, philanthropic entrepreneurs transform their vision of a better world into a reality.

Do you have an existing charity or social endeavor that needs funding? Do you see a challenge in the world that you’d like to help solve? We can help.

C iGIVE partners millennials with like-minded foundations, philanthropic sponsors, and business leaders. C iGIVE’s mission is to provide the crucial financial framework upon which a successful and sustainable charity or social endeavor can be built.

Turning ideas into real-world results isn’t just about funding, however. C iGive also provides:

  • Critical networking opportunities
  • Consulting, strategy planning, and support
  • A unique network of experienced philanthropic and business leaders

Why Partner with Us?

C iGive understands that millennials have an inherently individual perspective on the social and economic challenges that our world faces, as well as the drive and enthusiasm to address them.

With our network of philanthropic and business leaders, C iGive is uniquely focused on helping charitable young entrepreneurs realize their social endeavors and make their impact felt.

Currently, how competitive is the nonprofit space?

  • 1.41 million registered nonprofits in the US
  • 30 different types of tax-exempt nonprofit charities
  • Private charitable contributions reached an estimated $358.38 billion in 2014

(Source: National Center for Charitable Statistics)

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